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Have A Vienna Night Of Fun At Her Expense

Fun at her expense

While on a business trip with some colleagues an interesting incident came up. One of the guys had ordered a gorgeous brunette escort. She was in her low twenties and cute as heck. She was studying to be a translator at the local university. Anyhow, my buddy and colleague found what he considered to be interesting ways to use her for his amusement at her expense. I will explain below.

As you can see from the photo above my buddy had her wear a pair of thong panties and a really short dress that he had picked out for her. He then had her look out for a special kind of fish in the waterway next to where we were eating. She dutifully scanned the waters looking for said fish, all the while giving us some great shots of her ass.

My buddy said he was using her at her expense. One of the other guys pondered out loud that he might have meant at his expense since he obviously paid money for her to entertain us. But that is where  my buddy cut him off and told him it was at her expense because he used her as a translator and as eye candy at a rate of only 130 Euros per hour. So he was coming out on top of that deal. The flashing was for free!

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