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Body To Body Massages In London


I can’t think of a better feeling than a gorgeous girl running her hands up and down your body. That moment when she reaches your private areas but doesn’t stop, that’s one of the best feelings ever. This actually happened to me just the other day, I was getting a body to body massage in London from this smoking hot babe with big tits. She was a very professional massage girl, she knew all the right places to touch to get me worked up. It actually felt like she wanted to get me turned on, maybe she just liked to give all her customers happy endings, either way it was enjoyable for me.

Most people might not realize this but the chances of that happening again is actually pretty good. You see when a girl in London is giving you a body to body massage it isn’t just you getting worked up. That girl has been rubbing her body all over you so of course she is going to get horny from it as well. If you ever get a girl that’s willing to have a body to body massage my advice is to say yes before she thinks about changing her mind!