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Massive Tits Escort Stella Needs A Genuine Man!


It always gets my blood boiling when certain friends of mine tell me that they’re so sick of their cheating girlfriends. One guy told me he just spent all these money on his girl only to find out she’d been sending naked pictures of herself to some guy on the other side of the world. I told him straight up to dump that bitch and get himself a gorgeous Istanbul escorts! After taking him to the site where he could see pictures and read the girls bio’s I’m happy to say that he’s booked a meeting with Stella and if she can’t put a smile on his face with those huge tits of hers nothing can.

After he spends a little time with her he’ll never go back to having a girlfriend and why should he? I learnt long ago that most girls are just in it for themselves. They only care about how much money we make and what sort of car we drive, try to talk to them about something that concerns you and they just switch off.

You can talk to escort Bayan girls like Stella for hours and it’s actually a decent, two sided conversation. It’s not just the girl nodding like she is listening to what you say, it’s the girls actually talking back to you in a constructive manner. Now all that’s left for you to do is make a booking and see what smoking hot girl you want to spend time with!